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In the News: T&D World Shows How Index Programs for Education are Key to Training Future Lineworkers

Index AR Solutions was featured in the May 2023 issue of T&D World with an article detailing how the company’s eBooks, augmented reality applications and 3D visualization technologies are playing a key role in training future lineworkers.

The article, entitled Tuning into Technology, described how Index partnered with MidAmerican Energy and Des Moines Area Community College (DMACC) to place an immersive digital curriculum for line mechanic apprenticeships in the college classroom for the very first time.

T&D World Field Editor Amy Fischbach wrote that as more lineworkers move into retirement, utilities nationwide are struggling to develop more skilled workers in the line trade. The challenge, according to the article, is that it takes time to get new workers through company training programs and few colleges offer such programs for the line mechanic trade.

The article explained how students enrolled in the new line mechanic program at DMACC now have access to the same material and content deployed in MidAmerican’s own training centers. It’s an approach that helps ensure a consistent and predictable competency level of skill developed with each student.

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