Gas Welder Apprenticeship

The Gas Welder Apprenticeship SuperApp™ includes 6 eBooks and 6 AR mobile apps which can be loaded on as many devices as a client wants.


Index eBooks™ and Apps can be used immediately. Index will work with clients to customize material as needed, including written instruction, standards, branding, photos and videos featuring the client’s own workers and equipment. On a typical project, all new trainees will begin using the new material after three months of customization and implementation.

Client time commitment is spread across dozens of SMEs, instructors, apprentices, supervisors and management which creates tremendous buy-in and esprit-de-corps. We pour their expertise and passion into the eBooks and apps.

The 6 eBook titles:

  1. Introduction to Welding
  2. Shielded Metal Arc Welding
  3. Gas Metal Arc Welding
  4. Oxyacetylene Welding
  5. Tapping and Stopping II
  6. Pipefitting and Layout

The 6 Mobile App Titles:

  1. Welding Hazards
  2. Intro to Welding Hazards
  3. Tapping and Stopping 1
  4. Tapping and Stopping 2
  5. Pipe Math
  6. Pipefitting

Contact Index AR Solutions today to learn more or to arrange a hands-on demonstration of the Gas Welder Apprenticeship SuperApp™.