Transferring knowledge in digital tools that make workers safer and more capable

Being able to train, retain and keep workers safe has taken on a new sense of urgency as demographics have shifted in recent years. Companies across the country are working hard to effectively capture knowledge and experience from veteran workers nearing retirement and then transfer that knowledge to new employees and apprentices.

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Today, companies are turning over their large programs to Index to streamline and replace legacy training materials with multimodal digital curriculums delivered via tablet. Index curriculums include a digital library of interactive eBooks – packed with worker demonstration videos, graphics and instructional copy – that are paired with complementary AR and 3D visualization apps.

Working together, the eBooks and apps in an Index training program effectively capture best practices and enable knowledge transfer, making workers safer, more capable and more productive. In addition to improving knowledge retention and worker safety, the solution also features imagery and video testimonials that boost engagement and morale.

Training program solutions from Index are an investment in people that drive dramatic results.

Index digital training materials drive learning consistency and deliver important cultural integration benefits for companies that are geographically distributed and built over decades of acquisitions. Index offers two convenient ways to purchase training materials – Custom Programs and SuperApp Programs.

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Custom Programs

Index offers custom programs for clients who wish to develop their digital training program library from the ground up. All instructional and supporting content is crafted to reflect every aspect of their unique workplace environment, methods, mission and culture.

Large custom training programs are created for new employee training, apprenticeship programs, continuous education, technical and engineering training, corporate training and much more.

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SuperApp Programs

Clients can buy SuperApp training programs off the shelf for even faster implementation. SuperApps start with a pre-developed program, focused on industry-standard concepts, that has been previously built out for an industry peer. Company specific training elements such as procedures and demonstration videos are then customized as needed.

SuperApp training programs are initially developed in partnership with client sponsors under a co-marketing arrangement. Client sponsors can recover some, all or more than their upfront SuperApp investment through sales royalties. Future clients benefit from a field-proven solution deployed quickly.

Index has 18 large “off the shelf” training programs available today totaling 629 unique eBook and 261 unique application equivalents.

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