About Index

“We are augmenting people. We’re making people more capable and more productive.”

– Dan Arczynski, Index AR Solutions President & CEO during a Fox Business News live national interview on Risk and Reward.

Index AR Solutions is an American enterprise eBook and augmented reality (AR) mobile application provider that creates custom and off-the-shelf products designed to make workers safer, more capable, and more productive. The company was founded in 2015 in Williamsburg, Virginia.

Index team member showing tablet to clients

Large companies with workforces critical to their success collaborate with Index to:

    • Create interactive Index eBooks and apps that dramatically level-up their internal apprenticeship and training programs
    • Deploy internal training materials into a community college to prepare students for a career as an electric lineman
    • Implement interactive Index eBooks and apps that dramatically level-up the capability and productivity of their workers in the field while greatly reducing errors and safety escapes

Industries We Serve

Index AR Solutions has vast experience putting their training and education materials to work for large companies across the United States. These solutions are designed to add value and make workers safer and more efficient in industries such as:

    • Energy/Utilities
    • Healthcare
    • Railroads
    • Mining
    • Defense/Aerospace
    • Airlines
    • Trade Schools

College students viewing AR app in classroom

Working with Index

Index is a “quiet” company, and most new clients are referred by current clients.  However, you should consider reaching out to Index if your company:

    • Is large,
    • Has a workforce that is critical to business success,
    • Is willing and able to invest in its people