Privacy Policy

Index AR Solutions is committed to preserving user privacy. Index AR Solutions does not collect, use, disclose, transfer, or store personal information. Index AR Solutions’ application(s) may use information about the device and operating system to ensure compatibility and to tailor appearance and functionality for the device.

Index products consist of data and content organized in 3 focus areas: client content and data, 3D graphics and computer vision.

  • Index creates application-specific content utilizing client materials.
  • Most Index applications render 3D models and graphics in real time using a rendering engine.
  • Augmented reality objects are accurately placed in reference to the real world through use of computer vision. Index works with clients to select a computer vision product based on project requirements.

Potential Index-utilized, third-party software providers that maintain published privacy policies may be reviewed using the following links:

3D Rendering Engine:

Unity 3D Rendering Engine

Computer Vision Providers:

Google Android
PTC Vuforia Computer Vision