Safety Training (In Development)

The Safety Training SuperApp™ includes 30 Index eBooks™ which can be loaded on as many devices as a client wants.


Index eBooks™ and Apps can be used immediately. Index will work with clients to customize material as needed, including written instruction, standards, branding, photos and videos featuring the client’s own workers and equipment. On a typical project, all new trainees will begin using the new material after three months of customization and implementation.

Client time commitment is spread across dozens of SMEs, instructors, apprentices, supervisors and management which creates tremendous buy-in and esprit-de-corps. We pour their expertise and passion into the eBooks and apps.

The 30 Index eBook™ titles:

  1. DOT – Work Zone Setup & Qualified Flagger I
  2. DOT – Work Zone Setup & Qualified Flagger II
  3. DOT – Hazardous Materials of Trade, Cargo Securement, CDL I
  4. DOT – Hazardous Materials of Trade, Cargo Securement, CDL II
  5. Asbestos Awareness
  6. Asbestos Management
  7. Asbestos Qualified Worker – Gas
  8. Asbestos Qualified Worker – Electric
  9. Respiratory Protection: General I
  10. Respiratory Protection: General II
  11. Confined Space Entry: Orientation I
  12. Confined Space Entry: Orientation II
  13. Confined Space Entry: Management Responsibilities
  14. Confined Space Entry: Generation
  15. Confined Space Entry for Electric Delivery
  16. Confined Space Entry for Gas Delivery
  17. Driver Safety
  18. Elevated Work: General I
  19. Elevated Work: General II
  20. Vehicle Mounted Rotating & Elevating Aerial Devices
  21. Mobile Elevating Work Platforms I
  22. Mobile Elevating Work Platforms II
  23. Working Position Systems and Pole Climbing
  24. Scaffolds I
  25. Scaffolds II
  26. Stairs and Ladders I
  27. Stairs and Ladders II
  28. Wind Applications
  29. Personal Fall Protection Systems I
  30. Personal Fall Protection Systems II

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