Substation Technician and Electrician Training (In Development)

The Substation Technician and Electrician Training SuperApp™ features 18 unique Technician titles, 12 unique Electrician titles and 22 shared titles. It includes 52 Index eBooks™ and 26 AR mobile apps which can be loaded on as many devices as a client wants.


Index eBooks™ and Apps can be used immediately. Index will work with clients to customize material as needed, including written instruction, standards, branding, photos and videos featuring the client’s own workers and equipment. On a typical project, all new trainees will begin using the new material after three months of customization and implementation.

Client time commitment is spread across dozens of SMEs, instructors, apprentices, supervisors and management which creates tremendous buy-in and esprit-de-corps. We pour their expertise and passion into the eBooks and Apps.

18 Unique Substation Technician eBook Titles:

  1. Orientation
  2. Index/Client Substation Technician Mobile Applications
  3. Client Best Practices – Reclosing and Overcurrent
  4. Client Best Practices – Breaker Failures
  5. Client Best Practices – Timing, Voltage, Directional Ground, Impedance Relays
  6. Client Best Practices – Microprocessors
  7. Client Best Practices – Synchronizing and Under Frequency
  8. Client Best Practices – Distribution Protection Schemes
  9. Client Best Practices – Transmission Protection Schemes
  10. Client Best Practices – Intertie Protection Schemes
  11. Client Best Practices – Bus Protection and Breaker Failure
  12. Client Best Practices – Generation Protection and Synchro-check Schemes
  13. Client Best Practices – Commissioning of Systems
  14. Client Best Practices – Communication and SCADA RTUs
  15. Client Best Practices – Communication and SCADA Protocols
  16. Client Best Practices – Communication and SCADA Generating Load Control
  17. Client Best Practices – Communication and SCADA SEL Devices
  18. Client Best Practices – SCADA Commissioning

12 Unique Substation Electrician eBook Titles:

  1. Orientation, Objectives, HPI Tools
  2. Index/Client Substation Electrician Mobile Applications
  3. Batteries and DC Systems at Client
  4. Reactors, Rectifiers, and Lightning Arrestors at Client
  5. Inspections and Record Keeping at Client
  6. Client Substation Construction – Relays
  7. Client Substation Construction – Controls
  8. Client Substation Construction – Underground Networks
  9. Client Substation Construction – General Maintenance
  10. Client Substation Construction – Steel Structures, Busses, and Arrestors
  11. Client Substation Construction – Operating Heavy Machinery and Equipment
  12. Switching Procedures at Client

22 Shared eBook Titles:

  1. Overview of Client Substations with Multiple Examples
  2. Overview of Client Substation Equipment
  3. Client Safety Rules, Security, PPE and First Aid
  4. Client Electrical Awareness and Grounding
  5. Client Lockout/Tagouts
  6. Client Substation Test Equipment
  7. Switching Devices at Client
  8. Energizing and De-energizing Substations at Client
  9. Understanding and Interacting with the Control Room at Client
  10. Installation and Operation of Transformers at Client
  11. Testing and Troubleshooting of Transformers at Client
  12. Maintenance of Transformers at Client
  13. Installation and Operation of Circuit Breakers and Reclosers at Client
  14. Testing and Troubleshooting of Circuit Breakers and Reclosers at Client
  15. Maintenance of Circuit Breakers and Reclosers at Client
  16. Installation and Operation of Voltage Regulators at Client
  17. Testing and Troubleshooting of Voltage Regulators at Client
  18. Maintenance of Voltage Regulators at Client
  19. Capacitors at Client
  20. Understanding Drawings and Records at Client
  21. Commissioning a Substation at Client
  22. Understanding and Interacting with Client Substation Control Rooms

26 Mobile Application Titles:

  1. Substation Safety and Awareness
  2. Substation Fundamentals I
  3. Substation Fundamentals II
  4. Power Transformers I
  5. Power Transformers II
  6. Circuit Breaker Fundamentals I
  7. Circuit Breaker Fundamentals II
  8. Substation Voltage Regulator Fundamentals
  9. Substation Capacitors Fundamentals
  10. Control Room Basics I
  11. Control Room Basics II
  12. Switching Devices I
  13. Switching Devices II
  14. Instrument Transformers
  15. Batteries and AC/DC Systems I
  16. Batteries and AC/DC Systems II
  17. Substation Drawings and Records
  18. Mobile Substations
  19. Reclosure Fundamentals
  20. Reactors Fundamentals I
  21. Reactors Fundamentals II
  22. Substation Construction Equipment I
  23. Substation Construction Equipment II
  24. Substation Construction Fundamentals
  25. Commissioning of Systems
  26. SCADA Fundamentals

Note: In this case, client instructors are still determining several of the most relevant mobile apps for their training – a very effective approach.

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