Medical Endoscope Cleaning

The Medical Endoscope Cleaning app from Riverside Health System and Index AR Solutions simplifies health care device cleaning and reprocessing procedures, making it easier for hospital workers to do their jobs and to keep patients safe.

“Standardizing the way we do things is very important. In the end, it’s all about patient safety. It’s the high-reliability part that is so critical.”  – Jim Lesnick, Neurosurgeon, SVP business and venture development, Riverside Health Systems – now retired.

Challenge: Endoscopes are powerful medical instruments that help doctors examine internal organs. Without careful cleaning, endoscopes can carry potentially dangerous bacteria from one patient to another, introducing a potential health risk.

Solution: The Riverside Health System/Index endoscope app will help medical staff visualize the specific cleaning procedures required by an endoscope manufacturer – thereby addressing a significant health and safety issue faced by hospitals. The app contains a standardized best practice that ensures new technicians are taught the precise way to safely clean an endoscope and reduce the risk of infection from a medical procedure.

Key Features:

  • Best Practice process laid out in 84 vetted steps
  • Part Identification for pre-visualization and worker familiarization
  • Hands-free and touch screen use – foot pedal, voice command or touch screen
  • Multi-modal content – text, voice, photos, videos, 3D and 2D graphics, augmented reality, 3D animation, safety, PPE and equipment warnings – all provided and imbedded just in time on the correct step, so the worker always works to the process regardless of how they learn – no drift
  • Flexibility – app can be used for first time training, refresher training, performance of the task or all the above depending on client needs
  • Ability to record and upload key performance metrics – Index does not collect any information but can provide this capability to a client