Electric Meter Apprenticeship

The Electric Meter Apprenticeship SuperApp™ includes 49 Index eBooks™ and 30 AR mobile apps which can be loaded on as many devices as a client wants.


Index eBooks™ and Apps can be used immediately. Index will work with clients to customize material as needed, including written instruction, standards, branding, photos and videos featuring the client’s own workers and equipment. On a typical project, all new trainees will begin using the new material after three months of customization and implementation.

Client time commitment is spread across dozens of SMEs, instructors, apprentices, supervisors and management which creates tremendous buy-in and esprit-de-corps. We pour their expertise and passion into the eBooks and Apps.

The 49 Index eBook™ titles:

  1. Single-Phase Transformer-Rated Equipment
  2. Network Meters (12S)
  3. Instrument Transformers
  4. Polyphase Transformer-Rated Equipment
  5. Energy Diversion
  6. Bucket Truck Safety
  7. Polyphase System Fundamentals
  8. Reactive Meter Concepts
  9. Demand Meter Concepts
  10. Installation Checks & Inspections
  11. Troubleshooting Techniques
  12. Fundamentals of Direct Current
  13. The Workplace in Depth
  14. Network and Power Meters
  15. Energized Polyphase Circuits and Equipment
  16. Transformer Connections
  17. AC Theory
  18. KYZ Wiring
  19. Time-of-Use Metering
  20. Primary Metering
  21. Three-Phase Services & Metering
  22. Orientation to Electric Meter Apprenticeship
  23. 120/240 Basics
  24. 120/240 Socket Meters
  25. Introduction to Transmission & Distribution Systems
  26. Transmission System Overview
  27. Overview of Substations & Switchyards
  28. Safety in Substations & Switchyards
  29. Overview of the Distribution System
  30. Tools
  31. Care and Testing of Tools & Equipment
  32. Safety in Meter Work
  33. Basic Electricity Principles
  34. Introduction to Metering
  35. Math for Metering
  36. Math for Metering I
  37. AC Concepts
  38. Principles of Magnetism
  39. Customer Relations & High Bill Complaints
  40. Substation and Tie Point Metering
  41. Substation Safety and Tour Training
  42. Polyphase Field and Substation Testing
  43. Meter Communication & Interface Technology
  44. Transformer Sizing and Pad-Mount Wiring
  45. Power Quality & Voltage Surveillance
  46. Wire Watching and Investigation
  47. Department Communications
  48. Electric Meter Application Orientation
  49. Storm Recovery

The 30 Mobile App Titles:

  1. CT Basics
  2. 12S Install
  3. 16S Install
  4. 4S Wiring
  5. 3S Wiring
  6. Primary Meter Clusters
  7. Electric Meter Forms I (3S, 4S, 12S)
  8. Electric Meter Forms II (2S, 5S, 9S)
  9. Electric Meter Forms III (16S, 2S Demand, 12S Demand)
  10. Electric Meter Forms IV (1S)
  11. Electric Meter Nameplate
  12. Transformer Trainer
  13. Electric Math Concepts
  14. Equipment Care and Safety
  15. Meter Work Safety
  16. Basics of Troubleshooting
  17. 1S Basics
  18. 2S Basics
  19. Using Metering Equipment I
  20. Using Metering Equipment II
  21. Metering and Equipment Verification I
  22. Metering and Equipment Verification II
  23. Substation Panel Metering
  24. Multimeter Basics
  25. Meter Forms Assessment
  26. Pad-Mount Primary Meter Wiring
  27. Electric Math Concepts II
  28. Bucket Truck Hazards
  29. 9S Basics
  30. 9S Wiring

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