Augmented Reality For Utilities
Safety, compliance, avoiding catastrophic failures, and knowledge transfer are the most important aspects of working in the utility industry. Utilizing Index augmented reality (AR) in the utility sector helps make workers safer, by embedding safety warnings, cautions, and other safety information into an application they can train on or take to the field for maintenance.

The Index mobile AR app can require the worker to acknowledge that she or he has read safety warnings or other information before proceeding with a training, maintenance or inspection procedure.

Compliance requirements can be embedded into a mobile AR application to include stored photographs showing key steps were completed correctly. Simple, intuitive instructions can assist both new and experienced workers on important steps, lowering chances of a catastrophic failure.

Mobile Index AR applications convert paper documents — including procedures, drawings, and important knowledge locked in experienced workers’ heads — into easy-to-understand step-by-step instructions.

Training and maintenance times can be reduced while simultaneously improving safety and quality.