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Index AR Solutions Partners with Westar Energy® to Launch LineAssist SuperApp®, Using Augmented Reality to Make Work Safer and Faster

Premiere Offering in Library of Index AR Applications Helps Electrical Utility Linemen Visualize Complex Maintenance Tasks

Williamsburg, Va. – Index AR Solutions, a leading provider of enterprise Augmented Reality (AR) applications, announced today it has partnered with Westar Energy, Inc. (NYSE: WR) to launch LineAssist, a highly visual mobile training and field application that helps electrical utility linemen perform complex maintenance tasks more safely and faster. Available today, LineAssist is the first offering from Index AR’s emerging SuperApp® library of AR applications.

The LineAssist SuperApp® transforms how electrical utility linemen are trained in the classroom and do work in the field. The app, which is delivered from a mobile tablet, provides detailed step-by-step instructions through AR, with imagery that is overlaid on the various utility structures that workers encounter on a service call. Safety warnings, 3D animations and written instructions are also built into the app, presented in the context of key steps.

Capturing the knowledge of Westar’s most experienced linemen, the LineAssist SuperApp® delivers a set of maintenance best practices for three different pole-mounted voltage regulators and five different control panels – enabling linemen to visualize and more safely and easily perform tasks that could be less familiar to them.

“Previously, Westar might have had to roll multiple trucks to troubleshoot and service this type of device,” said Dave Claussen, Executive Director of Systems Maintenance at Westar Energy. “With LineAssist, we can quickly train our line crews to perform this technical work, and they can take that training and visualization with them into the field, which really streamlines a key maintenance process for us.”

“The Westar team is pleased to help lead the adoption of this game-changing technology within the utility industry,” added Claussen.

LineAssist is the first in a series of SuperApp® AR product offerings from Index AR that are tailored to address common workforce challenges associated with an industry.

Packing the power of Index AR’s custom-built applications, SuperApp® product development is performed in the field using real-world scenarios and hardware. Index AR is building a library of SuperApp® products over time, giving clients a selection of robust AR solutions that can be rapidly procured and deployed to meet specific business needs.

“With the SuperApp™ family, Index AR is making it faster and easier for industries to tap into the very real benefits of our field-tested augmented reality solutions,” said Dan Arczynski, President and CEO at Index AR Solutions. “It is an honor and a privilege to work with Westar on the launch of LineAssist, as we look to augment people – making them ever safer and more efficient.”

Pricing and terms to purchase an Index SuperApp® are currently based on co-marketing agreements with Index AR partners.

In addition to developing the SuperApp® library, Index AR offers custom-built AR apps to help teams in industrial settings work smarter and safer – improving inspection, work instruction, training, workflow management and other operations. Many organizations using an Index AR app have seen a two to four times increase in worker productivity.

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About Index AR Solutions

Index AR Solutions is a leading American enterprise augmented reality (AR) solutions provider, creating applications that make workers more capable and productive. The privately held company offers custom and off-the-shelf AR applications, proprietary AR software, and client retreats. In collaboration with clients, Index is also building a library of SuperApp® AR products to address common workforce challenges across industry. Index AR is hardware agnostic, delivering quantifiable results across all the major mobile platforms, with clients reporting two to four times increases in worker productivity. For more information about Index AR Solutions, visit

 About Westar Energy®

As Kansas’ largest electric utility, Westar Energy, Inc. (NYSE:WR) provides customers the safe, reliable electricity needed to power their businesses and homes. Half the electricity supplied to the company’s 700,000 customers comes from emissions-free sources – nuclear, wind and solar – with a third coming from renewables. Westar is a leader in electric transmission in Kansas, coordinating a network of lines and substations that support one of the largest consolidations of wind energy in the nation. For more information about Westar Energy, visit