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Augmenting People for Performance in an Age of Disruption

Last week, Index AR Solutions CEO Dan Arczynski presented at the Southeastern Electric Exchange (SEE) Annual Conference & Trade Show in Washington D.C., demonstrating how the company is using AR and interactive content delivery tools such as eBooks to augment the next generation of worker.

The SEE, founded in 1933, is a non-profit, non-political trade association of investor-owned electric utility companies serving the southeastern U.S. The theme of this year’s SEE conference general session was “Performance in an Age of Disruption” – a message that was perfectly suited to the Index AR Solutions mission.

In his session, Arczynski presented an introduction to the value-added approach that Index takes to developing augmented reality-based solutions and content.  He discussed how Index mobile apps are designed to work on any device – from smart phones, to tablets and wearables – using any operating system.

For Index, Arczynski explained, it’s about augmenting people, not reality. He showcased how Index apps and eBook solutions capture knowledge transfer, human performance and best practices that reduce errors and re-work.

Arczynski gave an overview of the Apprentice Program SuperApp® for Natural Gas Utilities, a powerful training and field reference solution built in partnership with MidAmerican Energy Company, and now available for purchase by other utilities.

The solution replaces paper-based materials with a digital library of complimentary AR and eBook training modules, to create a rich and highly visual training platform. Interactive multimedia InBooks™ – customized and content-filled eBooks created by Index – are paired with an AR learning experience that is loaded on each apprentice’s work tablet for use in both training and in the field.

Besides improving knowledge retention and worker safety, the Apprentice Program SuperApp® for Natural Gas Utilities  also features imagery and video testimonials that not only train but also boost engagement and morale.

Additional SuperApp offerings for electrical utilities are in development. For more information, visit