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Clients Level Up Workforce Training with Index Apprentice Program Solutions

Underscoring the company’s continued growth, Index AR Solutions announced that six standalone Apprentice Program training solutions are now available. Organizations use an Index Apprentice Program to streamline and replace legacy training materials with a multimodal digital curriculum.

Each Apprentice Program is a complete package of augmented reality (AR) mobile apps and Index eBooks™ designed to provide a fundamentally different way of teaching and engaging new workers. The programs from Index are helping major utilities address a variety of staffing and education challenges such as increased retirement, remote learning and more.

The eBooks in an Apprentice Program create a highly experiential learning platform using an array of rich multimedia content with videos, photos, audio, text, graphics, tests and other interactive material. The AR mobile apps leverage the power of augmented reality and 3D animation to help new workers visualize equipment and important work procedures in real-life context.

Working together, the Apprentice Program apps and eBooks effectively capture best practices and enable knowledge transfer, making new workers safer, more capable and more productive.

Index created the Apprentice Programs in partnership with client sponsors under the terms of a SuperApp® Development agreement. The client friendly SuperApp model includes a co-marketing arrangement with Index that provides the opportunity for a client to recover some, all or more than their upfront investment.

Six Apprentice Programs are currently available or in development, with more to come. They include:

The Index eBooks™ and AR mobile in each Apprentice Program are fully functional immediately. Clients typically engage Index customize selected components such as standards, videos, photos and branding to reflect their unique requirements and people. Facilitated by Index, the customization process encourages shared participation from client instructors, supervisors, subject matter experts and management which promotes buy-in and esprit-de-corps.

Index Apprentice Programs are available now for electric and natural gas utilities, and solutions for additional industries are being considered.

For more information, visit Apprentice Programs on the Index website.