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Index is developing a comprehensive portfolio of In-Book™ SuperApps™, enabling clients to harness the full power of platform that is shaping the future of workforce education and training. In-Book™ SuperApps™ are available for purchase right off the shelf.



More than 30 In-Book SuperApp solutions and counting are available for purchase from the following portfolio, developed for natural gas utility apprentice program training.

Complementing many of the In-Book modules are augmented reality experiences, including Gas Meter Basics, Steel Pipe Tapping & Stopping, City Block Utility Visualizations and more. Learn more about these Mobile App SuperApps here.

Orientation – Provides an initial introduction to the apprenticeship program, highlighting basic expectations and the important role an apprentice plays in the success of the company. As part of the SuperApp client customization process, the module can begin with inspirational videos from key executives, fellow apprentices and other workers.

Natural Gas Basics – Explores the history, science and distribution of natural gas along with an introduction to abnormal operating conditions and other critical safety considerations.

Jobsite Safety – Focuses on the importance of jobsite and utility work zone safety, with emphasis on protective equipment, common safety mistakes, fire watch training and the safety fundamentals of trenching and shoring.

Tools – Covers the common hand tools and power tools that gas apprentices may use on the job, including demonstrations of on best practices, tool organization and safety.

Trucks – Provides a demonstrative walk-through of work vehicles used on the job, emphasizing important inspection procedures and regulations, driving and parking best practices, and the key role of the spotter in mitigating blind spots.

Equipment – Instructs apprentices on how to safely operate key pieces of equipment and the trailers that transport them. It also reviews potential excavation hazards and reinforces the critical role that spotters play in job site safety. Additional in-depth instruction for this module is provided in the Backhoe Simulation augmented reality SuperApp.

Locating – Gives apprentices a fundamental understanding of the tools, procedures and requirements of locating gas and electrical utilities prior to an excavation.

Residential Metering & Pipefitting – Introduces workers to the basics of residential gas metering, gas regulators and pipefitting. Additional in-depth instruction for this module is provided in the Gas Meter Basics augmented reality SuperApp.

Plastic Pipe Installation – Demonstrates the various methods and tools used for joining plastic gas pipe, as well as handling, installing and repairing mains and service lines in the field.

Steel Pipe Installation, Maintenance & Coatings – Provides an introduction to how metallic pipe is installed, maintained and repaired when used in natural gas distribution systems.

Working with Live Gas – Focuses on how to mitigate the various hazards and emergency situations that can arise from working around live gas.

Introduction to Outside Leaks – Gives apprentices instruction on how to safely test for, locate and classify natural gas leaks in the field.

Tapping & Stopping – Provides an overview of the tools and procedures used for tapping and stopping a gas main. Additional in-depth instruction for this module is provided in the Steel Pipe Tapping & Stopping and Gas Pipe Bypass Scenario augmented reality SuperApps.

Cathodic Protection – Explores how coatings and cathode protection techniques are used to keep pipes safe from harmful corrosion.

Essential & Non-Essential Valves – Teaches workers how to identify, inspect and service common essential and non-essential valves.

Area-Specific Equipment – Highlights certain machinery available in select service territories of a given utility, instruction on their purposes and safe usage, and alternative tools or machines that may be used in a different territory.

Customer Service Orientation
– Provides an in-depth introduction to the fundamentals of good customer service and the important role that front-line workers play in customer safety and satisfaction.

Work Management & Paperwork – Walks new workers through the mobile devices and work order forms that they will use on a daily basis to perform their jobs.

Regulators & Regulator Stations– Takes a closer look at the various types of regulators that workers will encounter in the field, as well as regulator stations and their role in the gas distribution system.

Odorization & Ordorameters – Explores the mechanical devices that are used to add odorant to the natural gas distribution system and the tools that are used to detect odorant in the air.

Commercial Metering, Pipefitting, and Industrial Sets – Details the various types of meters that are used in commercial applications and the pipefitting techniques and procedures used to build industrial meter sets.

Abnormal Operating Conditions & Compliance Maintenance – Provides instruction on AOCs (abnormal operating conditions), CFOs (compliance follow-up orders), and MOs (maintenance orders).

Basic Electric – Introduces natural gas workers to the fundamentals of electricity, key safety rules and what they need to know about electricity in the field.

Gas & Electric Turn On/Off, Restorations & Meter Changes – Teaches workers the basic procedures required to safely turn on or turn off gas and electric services.

Introduction to Appliances – Provides a high-level overview of the natural gas appliances that workers typically encounter in residential applications.

Operating Standards Manual – Index will create a searchable compilation of company-specific and relevant federal and state regulations that natural gas workers must follow. Select operating standards are also inserted as pop-up references within other Natural Gas Apprenticeship In-Books.

Safety Rules Manual and other Company Manuals – Index will create a searchable compilation of company-specific safety rules that natural gas workers must follow.

In-Book™ SuperApps™ Available in April 2020

Gas Appliances in Depth – Takes a closer look at the natural gas appliances typically used  in customers’ homes.

Residential Outdoor Appliances – Provides an overview of the natural gas appliances residential customers use outside the home.

Industrial, Commercial and Agricultural Appliances – Explores the common natural gas appliances found in commercial applications.

Inside Leak Investigation – Provides in-depth instruction on inside leaks are safely investigated and addressed.

Carbon Dioxide Investigation – Walks workers through the process for investigating and addressing potentially dangerous carbon dioxide situations.

First Response & Emergency Response Handling – Takes a closer look at the role of the first responder and the best-practice procedures and considerations involved with handling emergency responses.

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