Mobile App SuperApps™

Mobile App SuperApps™ are pre-packaged AR applications available for purchase right off the shelf. Each SuperApp™ AR product is tailored to address common workforce challenges faced by industry.


Following are the high-impact Mobile App SuperApps™ that Index has developed in partnership with  leading enterprises and is making available to the broader market.


Challenge: Like other utilities, Evergy must roll multiple trucks to inspect, troubleshoot, remove, install, replace and program controllers on multiple different pole-mounted voltage regulators and control panels. Evergy wanted to provide its linemen the approved procedures to perform these tasks on each voltage regulator and control panel variant.

Solution: Index worked closely with Evergy’s linemen, engineering, experts and supervisors to capture the safest and best-practice procedures and build them into the AR app, now available to other customers as the LineAssist SuperApp™. The app recognizes five different controllers and provides the linemen the appropriate procedure step by step overlaid on the pole mounted voltage regulator and control panel. Click here to learn more about LineAssist.

Source Transfer Controller Start-Up & Troubleshooting

Challenge: The source-transfer controllers used by electrical utilities to minimize power interruptions are complex, with multiple decision trees that often require a 4-6 hour schedule for an engineer to initially set up or reset. In addition, missed or incorrect steps can result in equipment damage, injury or service delays.

Solution: By helping workers visualize specific setup steps, the MidAmerican Energy Company source-transfer controller app uses AR to address a common challenge in the electric utility industry. The app presents workers with an agreed-upon set of best practices, decision trees, and safety warnings at the exact time and place they are needed within a procedure. The app gives a qualified electrician the confidence to safely perform troubleshooting and start-up tasks with minimal errors or risk.

Limitorque Actuator Operation

Challenge: Setting limits on the Limitorque valve actuator can be done incorrectly because it is a task that is not done frequently. For one Midwestern utility, the lack of Limitorque practice and repetition means that it takes time for workers performing related maintenance procedures to get up to speed and increases the risk of quality escapes.

Solution: Index developed an application with step-by-step 3D animations that outlines precisely what a worker will need to do in order to properly configure Limitorque settings. The application provides users with critical information needed for each step so that they can perform the task correctly each and every time regardless of inexperience or knowledge degradation.

AMI Router Troubleshooting Visualization

Challenge: A large utility has a requirement to troubleshoot and replace thousands of routers and modems. For cost considerations, the company has chosen to have this task performed by their linemen rather than by a specialty workforce. The utility needed a tool to help their linemen perform this new task safely and efficiently with minimal quality escapes.

Solution: Index worked closely with the client to create an AR app that overlays each step-by-step task over the actual modems, routers and collectors.

Endoscope Cleaning & Disinfecting

Challenge: Endoscopes are powerful medical instruments that help doctors examine internal organs. But without careful cleaning, endoscopes can carry potentially dangerous bacteria from one patient to another, introducing a potential health risk.

Solution: The Riverside Health System endoscope app will help medical staff visualize the specific cleaning procedures required by an endoscope manufacturer – thereby addressing a significant health and safety issue faced by hospitals. The app contains a standardized best practice that ensures new technicians are taught the precise way to safely clean an endoscope and reduce the risk of infection from a medical procedure.

City Block Utility Visualization

Challenge: Most utilities, such as natural gas, are buried underground and out of sight in urban area, making it difficult to fully appreciate their precise location and routing relative to other infrastructure.

Solution: The City Block Utility Visualization SuperApp can be a key component of training programs designed to help workers understand how gas pipes and other elements of the utility infrastructure are typically routed and identified in an urban location. Available a la carte, or bundled within Index Apprentice Program SuperApp™ offerings.

Gas Meter Basics

Challenge: While it is important for utility workers to be familiar with the various components, indicators and tags on the outside of a gas meter, the real functionality of the machine happens on the inside.

Solution: The Gas Meter Basics SuperApp uses the power of augmented reality to help utility workers and new apprentices understand how gas flows through a meter, how the various components work, and how to identify and troubleshoot key parts. Available a la carte, or bundled within Index Apprentice Program SuperApp™ offerings.

Steel Pipe Tapping and Stopping

Challenge: For natural gas and many other utility workers, the ability to properly tap a steel main line and stop the flow of product is an important part of the job. Adherence to standards, procedures, and tool manufacturer instructions is critical to ensure safety and quality.

Solution: The Gas Pipe Tapping & Stopping SuperApp walks the user through the entire complex procedure in a highly visual fashion, complete with safety warnings, instructions and tool component identifications presented at just the right steps along the way. Available a la carte, or bundled within Index Apprentice Program SuperApp™ offerings.

Backhoe Simulation

Challenge: Getting new workers seat time in a backhoe for training purposes can be difficult, challenged by equipment availability, weather and other factors. What’s more, novice operator mistakes can be dangerous, even in the most controlled environments.

Solution: With the Backhoe Simulator SuperApp, new construction and utility workers can easily and safely visualize and learn how to operate the controls of one of the most popular pieces of heavy equipment. Digging scenarios, driving exercise, safety procedures and more are built into the app. Available a la carte, or bundled within Index Apprentice Program SuperApp™ offerings.

Gas Pipe Bypass Scenario

Challenge: Gas utilities use a bypass to temporarily route the flow of gas around damaged pipe, thus keeping customers in service while repairs are made. Workers who assemble the bypass must manage a multitude of procedures and safety considerations over the course of a repair.

Solution: The Gas Pipe Bypass Scenario SuperApp simplifies the bypass process, giving workers guided instruction and safety considerations just in time, precisely when and where the workers need them. Available a la carte, or bundled within Index Apprentice Program SuperApp™ offerings.

Gas Meter Trainer

Challenge: Meter reading is a key skill for the gas utility serviceman, and the task can be surprisingly challenging.

Solution: The Gas Meter Trainer SuperApp™ is a quiz style game that teaches the user how to read and clock a meter like a serviceman. This app tests the user’s knowledge in reading a four to five dial meter and clocking the flow of a four-dial meter. Available a la carte, or bundled within Index Apprentice Program SuperApp™ offerings.

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