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Media Spotlights Major Product News and Market Insight from Index AR Solutions

In September, Index AR Solutions announced that it had partnered with MidAmerican Energy to create an AR app to simplify source transfer controller operations for electrical utilities.

The new Source-Transfer Controller SuperApp®, available now, ensures that switching procedures are completed fully and quickly – reducing service delays to electrical customers and minimizing the risk of utility infrastructure damage.

The news caught the attention of leading utility trade publication T&D World, whose article “Mobile App Simplifies Source-Transfer Switch Operations for Electric Utilities” ran among their top stories on September 5.

The trade news site DailyEnergyInsider also picked up the announcement. In a story entitled “MidAmerican Energy Co. develops augmented reality-enabled mobile app,” journalist Dave Kovaleski touched on how the app gives an electrician the confidence to safely perform troubleshooting, start-up, and operational tasks.

“This all translates to fewer service interruptions to customers,” Kovaleski wrote.

Energy Central, a network and hub for news and content for some 200,000 electric power industry professionals, also featured the announcement on its website. Meanwhile, Oil & Gas 360 and Safety Online were among the other trade sites highlighting the news.

The announcement ran on major news aggregators as well, including MarketWatch and Yahoo Finance, as well as Crunchbase, which associated the news with MidAmerican Energy parent company Berkshire Hathaway.

Separately, Index AR Solutions was also cited in a recent story in MoneyWeek, the UK’s best-selling financial magazine. In an August 22 article headlined “How investors can profit from the dawning of a new reality,” journalist Ben Judge discussed the size of the enterprise AR market, which Index AR Solutions believes could be worth $105 billion by 2031.

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