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Augmented Reality, eBooks and the Reinvention of Utility Apprenticeships

Utilities have a long history of striving to make their workers safer, more capable and productive.

At the recent Southern Gas Association’s Operating Conference & Expo in Tampa, Index AR Solutions representatives show attendees how augmented reality is being deployed and combined with other technologies in unique ways to continue this trend for gas utilities.

Chris Biernacki, Operations Manager for Index AR Solutions, co-presented with Mike Hoff, Director at MidAmerican Energy Company, demonstrating how the new Gas Tech Apprentice SuperApp® the two companies are developing will boost engagement, knowledge retention and worker safety.

During their presentation, made during the Asset Management & GIS Roundtable, Biernacki and Hoff explained how the new app covers above- and below-ground training using a combination of augmented reality and modern eBook learning methods to engage a new generation of apprentices.

The new combination AR app and eBook – delivered via tablets – will play an instrumental role in a revamped training methodology that produces highly competent workers capable of completing the apprenticeship program and moving into the field safely and efficiently. Starting this October, all new Gas apprentices at MidAmerican Energy Company will be trained using this approach.

Tom DeWitte, Technical Lead at ESRI, joined Biernacki and Hoff on the roundtable, one of 19 peer-developed sessions hosted during the conference which drew more than 1,000 attendees.

After their session, Biernacki and Hoff also demonstrated several other apps to over 100 highly engaged  conference goers who were able to see first-hand how Index AR is helping teams in industrial settings work smarter and safer – improving inspection, work instruction, training, workflow management and other operations.

To learn more about the Gas Tech Apprentice SuperApp®, click here.