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Vuforia promotes Index AR Solutions as featured developer

Big things are on the horizon for augmented reality. And according to a newsletter from Vuforia, Index AR Solutions is among those leading the way with our focus on applied industrial augmented reality.

Vuforia’s vision science software for mobile, along with other programming language and tools, allows augmented and virtual reality programmers to create custom-built apps for clients. In a December email round-up, Vuforia featured businesses that use its software to create industrial augmented reality applications and ground-breaking 3D optics.

Vuforia recognized Index AR Solutions as a featured developer for its augmented reality application in use at Newport News Shipbuilding, where the technology is helping workers build the USS Gerald R. Ford, the Navy’s newest super carrier.

The blend of Index AR’s keen understanding of industrial process and workflow with Vuforia’s software, which enables applications to see, allows for the seamless overlay of digital plans and schematics on top of work-site images.

A video, featured by Vuforia, outlined the success of Index AR’s application on the USS Ford. In one example, the technology allowed workers to digitally overlay stud locations onto live images of a steel panel using iPads. Being able to literally mark stud locations and other information through an augmented reality app means better accuracy during construction.

Randy Hill, a pipefitter foreman, said augmented reality has been an “important tool” in pipefitting, where the application been helpful for planning and preparation of installations.

Workers said the app means easier access to information without having to flip back and forth with traditional blueprints or instructions. And they can better visualize the construction and installation with three dimensional views of the plans on the actual work site.

“You can actually see the changes overlay onto the actual physical aspects of the ship,” Hill said in the video. “I was skeptical about it being useful, but that opinion has changed.”

Creating digital 3D models to superimpose over live images of a real work environment isn’t something that happens with one person alone in a room. It takes teamwork to get it done. And at Index AR Solutions that means using the best minds and the best tools to create custom solutions that are changing the world of industrial construction.