SuperApp® Library

The growing library of SuperApp® products include off-the-shelf mobile apps, customizable In-Books and other powerful solutions that help workers do their jobs better.


Field-tested and ready to deploy for specific use cases, our SuperApp® products give clients the power and functionality of custom-built mobile apps with quick time to value.

SuperApps® are available a la carte or as bundles across three solution categories:



Select mobile apps, delivered as a service, are a key component of the Index SuperApp library and use augmented reality, 3D animation and other visualization capabilities to make people safer and more effective.

LineAssist – Troubleshooting and servicing pole-mounted voltage regulators and their controllers typically requires multiple truck rolls. Crews are being asked to do their normal line work, but also take on the challenges of less familiar technical work as well. The LineAssist SuperApp® captures a set of best practices for three different pole mounted voltage regulators and five different control panels, giving linemen the safest and best practice process to follow. Learn more about LineAssist here.

Endoscope Cleaning – The meticulous cleaning and reprocessing of reusable endoscope devices is critical to preventing the transmission of infectious agents – a critical concern in health care environments. The first-of-its-kind SuperApp® for Endoscopes helps assure proper cleaning of the device by giving workers precise, easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions displayed in 3D imagery. Learn more.

Backhoe Simulation – With the Backhoe Simulator SuperApp, new construction and utility workers can visualize and learn how to operate the controls of one of the most popular pieces of heavy equipment. Digging scenarios, driving exercise, safety procedures and more are built into the app. Available a la carte, or bundled within Apprentice Program offerings.

City Block Utility Visualization – Most utilities, such as natural gas, are buried underground and out of sight in urban areas. The City Block Utility Visualization SuperApp can be a key component of training programs designed to help workers understand how gas pipes and other elements of the utility infrastructure are typically routed and identified in an urban location. Available a la carte, or bundled within Apprentice Program offerings.

Gas Meter Basics – The Gas Meter Basics SuperApp uses the power of augmented reality to help utility workers and new apprentices understand how gas flows through a meter, how the various components work, and how to identify and troubleshoot key parts. Available a la carte, or bundled within Apprentice Program offerings.

Gas Pipe Bypass Scenario – Gas utilities use a bypass to temporarily route the flow of gas around damaged pipe, thus keeping customers in service while repairs are made. Workers who assemble the bypass must manage a multitude of procedures and safety considerations over the course of a repair. The Gas Pipe Bypass Scenario SuperApp simplifies the bypass process, giving workers guided instruction and safety considerations just in time, precisely when and where the workers need them. Available a la carte, or bundled within Apprentice Program offerings.

Steel Pipe Tapping and Stopping – For natural gas and other utility workers, the ability to properly tap a steel main line and stop the flow of product is an important part of the job. The Gas Pipe Tapping & Stopping SuperApp walks the user through the entire complex procedure in a highly visual fashion, complete with safety warnings, instructions and tool component identifications presented at just the right steps along the way. Available a la carte, or bundled within Apprentice Program offerings.

Gas Meter Reading – Meter reading is a key skill for the gas utility servicemen. But with an array of dials spinning in different directions, the task can be surprisingly challenging. The Gas Meter Reader SuperApp is a valuable practice tool that enables workers to become faster and more reliable in the field. Available a la carte, or bundled within Apprentice Program offerings.


In-Book SuperApps fully leverage the rich interactive multimedia capabilities of today’s high-powered mobile devices to create immersive workforce training and field reference solutions. Like other Index solutions, In-Books deliver content in context – giving workers precisely the right amount of information they need, exactly when it is most relevant to the task or subject at hand. Learn more about In-Books here.


The real power and synergy of the Index SuperApp library is on full display in the Apprentice Programs offering. These integrated solutions combine select a la carte Mobile Apps and more than 30 In-Books in a modular fashion to create complete training programs for utility apprentices. Two complete SuperApp-based Apprentice Program training curriculums for the natural gas service industry are available today, with additional phases coming soon. Learn more about Apprentice Program solutions here.