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SuperApp™ Library Reaches 350 Apps and eBooks

The Index AR Solutions off-the-shelf product library continues to grow rapidly, with the company announcing today that it has 350 mobile apps and eBooks available now or in development. The number stood at nearly 240 just four months ago.

SuperApps™ are augmented reality (AR) applications and Index eBook™ solutions that make workers safer, more capable and more efficient. Packed with rich visualization and multi-modal learning elements, clients use SuperApps™ to enhance business operations, modernize apprenticeship programs and solve other challenges.

The SuperApp™ library includes packaged solutions for natural gas service technicians, welders, electric meter technicians, line mechanics and more. Index is also developing a medical endoscope cleaning app with a health system partner that makes it easier for hospital workers to do their jobs and keep patients safe.

“We augment people – not reality – in ways that measurably benefit workers around the metrics that matter most,” said Dan Arczynski, CEO, Index AR Solutions. “We look forward to continuing our growth trajectory, which is based on a uniquely powerful combination of people, partnerships and work processes that drive client success.”

SuperApps™ are created through co-marketing agreements between Index and a client company or investor sponsor. After being developed and field-tested in close collaboration with an initial client partner, SuperApps™ are then made available for purchase by other clients.


Contact Index AR Solutions to arrange a hands-on demonstration of a SuperApp™ or to learn more about the company’s custom app and eBook development capabilities.