Augmented Reality For Construction
Utilizing Index augmented reality (AR) in the architecture, engineering, procurement and construction industries (EPCs and AECs) helps make people safer and improves inspection, work instruction, training, workflow management, operations and safety. But more than that, Index AR is utilized in the following ways on a construction site:

Marketing & Pre-Visualization. AR can showcase a building that is planned for a future date. Users can stand on the road, for example, opposite of a corner lot to see what a building will look like in that space and even walk around and pre-visualize its placement.

Construction & Manufacturing. AR can pre-visualize a project and then transition to helping crews sequence and progress their work. As an example, AR can be used to highlight specific work instructions for crews, color coding which elements of a job are to be done and in what order. Skilled crafts people, technicians, and supervisors can watch the progression of a job unfold without managing mounds of paper plans.

Inspection. Inspection remains one of AR’s top use cases with inspectors utilizing AR to see the alignment between as-designed models or drawings and the as-built conditions. With AR, inspectors can overlay as-designed drawings directly over the as-built conditions to uncover any discrepancies.
Decommissioning. When facilities or buildings reach the end of their lives and have to be torn down, AR sequencing applications can be used to decommission the structures.

Ongoing Operations & Maintenance. Once projects are complete, AR can be included for the client’s long- term operations and maintenance of structures.