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Rapid Growth Continues: Index AR Solutions SuperApp Portfolio Expands to 500 Mobile Apps and eBooks

Index AR Solutions continues to blaze a trail in digital workforce training solutions as it celebrates another major application development milestone. Executives announced today that 500 unique mobile apps and eBooks are being created through the company’s SuperApp® Development model.

Clients use field-tested SuperApp mobile apps and eBooks to measurably transform business operations and modernize training initiatives – making workers safer, more capable and more efficient. Since the launch of the first SuperApp less than five years ago, the popular portfolio has grown rapidly, more than doubling in size in the past year and a half alone.

SuperApps are developed in collaboration with a client partner. When the solution is purchased by other clients, the partner earns royalties on sales. Partners can earn back part, all or greater than their initial investment. In turn, new clients who buy the developed SuperApp receive a solution that has been proven in the field and can be deployed quickly following a few customizations.

“The amazing success of the Index vision is how we can systematically create a modern digital training solution that empowers workers and makes great business sense,” said Scott Sommers, Senior Vice President at Index. “Our SuperApp development model ensures our client partners are rewarded for their efforts while new clients get a solution that can be deployed in half the time.”

SuperApps have become the core of a set of Apprentice Program training offerings from Index that major utilities are using to prepare new workers for the field. These digital programs give companies a powerful way to refine and transfer the wisdom of veteran workers and share it with apprentices in a highly interactive and effective way.

“Our development approach is rooted in client partnership, working hand in hand to ensure every eBook page and every app step is customized for that client’s needs,” said John Arczynski, Senior Vice President and COO at Index. “The result is a training solution that unlocks the value of experienced workers’ wisdom by effectively capturing it and presenting it to the next worker.”

Index anticipates continued portfolio growth as additional SuperApp teaming agreements are signed and other clients buy these eBooks and apps off the shelf.

“It is an honor to work with so many incredible team members within Index and at our clients who shared our vision for revolutionizing the way technology solves problems,” said Dan Arczynski, CEO at Index. “While technology is a key enabler, through Index it’s the people that will empower the next generation of workers.”

Visit the SuperApps and Apprentice Programs pages on the Index website to learn more.