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MidAmerican Energy Joins Index AR Solutions on Stage at WECC’s 2018 Human Performance Conference

At the Western Electricity Coordinating Council (WECC) 2018 Human Performance Conference, Index AR Solutions CEO Dan Arczynski took the stage with Mike Hoff, Director of Business Optimization and Innovation at MidAmerican Energy Company.

The pair showcased how Index AR is helping MidAmerican and other companies realize tangible business benefits from AR – using it to influence behaviors, reduce human errors and enhance safety. During the interactive session, Arczynski and Hoff also discussed the role AR can play in human performance error precursors, offering specific examples and results.

WECC is a non-profit corporation whose missions is to ensure a reliable Bulk Electric System across the Western Interconnection, a geographic area that includes two Canadian provinces, 14 western states and northern Baja Mexico.

The goal of the 2018 Human Performance Conference, themed “Stay The Path,” was to provide human performance (HP) concepts, ideas, discussions, and hands-on activities for everyone from leadership to the field.

Specifically, Arczynski and Hoff explained how Index AR is working closely with MidAmerican managers, instructors, and SMEs to create an AR application and eBook package that serves as a highly effective and engaging way to deliver their Gas Tech Apprenticeship material. Complete with videos, imagery and contextual references to important standards and regulations, the app includes new ways to visualize the materials, tools and equipment used in the field. The multiple module app is also equipped with testing and feedback tools for instructors, with a goal of increasing quality outcomes and understanding of the Gas Tech Apprenticeship program.

MidAmerican has also turned to Index AR on the development of a source-transfer controller app that uses AR to address a common challenge in the electric utility industry.  Helping workers visualize specific setup steps, the app presents workers with an agreed-upon set of best practices, decision trees, and safety warnings at the exact time and place they are needed within a procedure.

Ultimately the new app gives a qualified electrician the confidence to safely perform troubleshooting and start-up tasks with minimal errors or risk.

In addition to thought provoking sessions on AR, other breakout sessions at the WECC Conference ranged from HP 101 to Safety Culture, Event Case Studies, HP Maturity Model, Knowledge Transfer Techniques, HP in the Control Room and more.

Hoff will also be presenting at the Fall 2018 Index AR Retreat on November 14. The event brings together select enterprises and interested parties to share and better understand AR and its application across multiple industries. Index AR Retreats are invitation-only events designed to help decision-makers and operators learn how to accelerate the adoption of AR and see first-hand how it can make employees more safe, capable and productive.

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