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Index AR Solutions Participates in Georgia Power Transmission Maintenance and Support Safety Meeting Technical Conference

Scott Sommers, Senior Vice President of Index AR Solutions, was on hand for Georgia Power’s Power Transmission Maintenance and Support Safety Meeting, a technical conference hosted by the utility leader recently in Macon, Georgia.

Taking place in the Macon Centreplex, the meeting was designed to bring Georgia Power field workers together to refocus on Safety Excellence. It gave the more than 500 attendees a valuable opportunity to hear from Georgia Power organizational leaders, fellow co-workers, vendors and partners in regard to the company’s safety culture.

Sommers demonstrated how mobile apps from Index are fundamentally changing the way companies think about safety. Index uses augmented reality and other advanced visualization techniques to create highly experiential training and field reference solutions that help reduce human error – making workers safer, smarter and faster.

Among other solutions, Sommers showcased the capabilities of a mobile app that Index built for Southern Company in collaboration with the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI).

The app conveys situational awareness information to workers in electric substations and makes the invisible visible – displaying visual indicators of equipment health, capacity factors and required minimum clearances such as flame retardant (FR) zones in the substation. Future app enhancements will display equipment maintenance histories and step-by-step service procedures, including warnings and videographic recording of critical steps to meet internal and external compliance requirements.

By capturing best practices, transferring knowledge and giving workers the information they really need, when they need it, the substation situational awareness app from Index is giving Southern Company new ways to boost employee safety, quality and capabilities.

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