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Index AR Solutions Casts Vision as the Digital Interface of Today’s Workforce

At the inaugural Digital Worker Symposium, Index AR Solutions CEO Dan Arczynski cast his vision for the role his company plays in creating a digital interface for the today’s workforce.

“As industries embark on digital transformation initiatives, they run the risk of overwhelming their workers in the field with data,” said Arczynski, who presented at the event. “Index, with its mobile AR apps and eBook offering, is helping workers make sense of that data, presenting them with just the information they need to learn and do their job, precisely when they need it, and a highly visual fashion.”

The Digital Worker Symposium was hosted by the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) Nov. 19-20 in Charlotte, NC. Participants shared learnings from all four EPRI sectors – Nuclear, Generation, Power Delivery & Utilization, and Energy & Environment – where digital technology has shown promise to improve worker proficiency, efficiency, safety, and training capability.

While the field of XR (Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality, collectively) is rapidly maturing, Arczynski said that Index is addressing a need for solutions that promote clarity and deliver real value to the worker.

“Index is the interface between the data and the worker,” said Arczynski. “We figure out what information a particular workforce needs to be more efficient, safer or deliver better results. Then, using a lean process, we create the visualization that enable a worker to consume that information – quickly and easily.”

As an example of the power of Index, Arczynski showcased the Apprentice Program SuperApp® for Natural Gas Utilities, a training and field reference solution the company built in partnership with MidAmerican Energy Company that is now available for purchase by other utilities.

The multimedia-rich solution replaces paper-based materials with a digital library of complimentary AR and eBook training modules to create a highly visual training platform. Some 34 interactive multimedia InBooks™ – customized and content-filled eBooks created by Index – are paired with 21 AR learning experiences loaded on each apprentice’s work tablet for use in both training and in the field.

Besides improving knowledge retention and worker safety, the Apprentice Program SuperApp® for Natural Gas Utilities also features imagery and video testimonials that not only train but also boost engagement and morale.

A similar solution for electric utility apprentice programs is in development.

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