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Index AR Solutions CEO featured in Machine Design

Augmented Reality (AR) is on the rise – in fact it’s not only poised to be the next big thing in computing technology. It is the next big thing.

Index AR Solutions CEO Dan Arczynski recently weighed in on the AR revolution in an article for engineering publication “Machine Design,” saying that executives interested in deploying AR within their businesses shouldn’t wait for the development of top-notch headset equipment.

“Companies can deploy AR right now on smart phones or tablets,” Arczysnki said. “The difference maker is the application and how it makes the user more capable, more productive and more valuable.”

Arczynski said AR can make a difference in terms of work-flow, employee efficiency and accuracy in production.

Since 2011, Index AR, in partnership with Newport News Shipbuilding, has created and deployed 57 enterprise augmented reality projects – proving that companies don’t need to wait on headsets and hardware to implement the visual tech.

And that changes the game for skilled workers by offering a digital image of structural changes at the actual work site. This gives employees access to data and views that might not be available on a traditional paper rendering.

“You get to communicate more authentically and visually to the worker by laying the work right over his or her field of vision,” Arczynski said.

Companies can deploy this technology today, choosing the best vehicle – be it smartphone, tablet or wearable – based on the employee and his or her task.

“My main point about AR technology first and foremost is that it is ready now,” Arczynski said. “Don’t wait for a better smart device or headset or any other excuse to get started. Augmented reality is a revolution that will provide a competitive advantage to early adopters.”

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