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Ready Now: Index AR Solutions CEO Presents at American Nuclear Society Conference

In a presentation entitled “AR in Nuclear – Ready Now,” Index AR Solutions President and CEO Dan Arczynski demonstrated just that at the American Nuclear Society’s 25th annual Utility Working Conference and Vendor Technology Expo. The event attracted more than 750 utility industry professionals and over 90 vendor exhibits, all aligned with the Society’s mission to promote the awareness and understanding of the application of nuclear science and technology.

Arczynski joined other nuclear industry leaders for a joint panel discussion on Innovation and Technology and Performance Improvement. The session focused on how effectively nuclear workers can be trained and prepared for their jobs using virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) digital modules.

For example, 3D models are being used today to precisely mimic actual nuclear plant layouts. These highly realistic models can expose workers to varying plant locations and train them in a dynamic environment, while eliminating and/or reducing other radiological and safety hazards.

Arczynski explained how Index AR apps essentially overlay rich digital information on the reality that a worker sees through the lens of their tablet or other mobile device. Among other uses, Index AR apps enable workers to clearly visualize tasks – a capability that is especially important in nuclear workplace environments.

In addition to visualization, Index AR apps can protect nuclear workers by placing important safety procedures and warnings precisely where they will have the most relevance in the context of complex step-by-step procedures.

Ultimately, such AR based mobile apps give a nuclear worker the confidence and capability to perform a task even if she or he has not done it in a while.

The nuclear workplace is one that Arczynski knows well, having spent nearly two decades serving in executive positions in the shipbuilding industry with Huntington Ingalls Industries, Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding and Northrop Grumman Newport News prior to founding Index AR. Over that period, Arczynski also served on the board of directors for Continental Maritime of San Diego, AREVA Newport News and Savannah River Nuclear Solutions.

During his presentation, Arczynski reinforced that AR is ready and available for nuclear workplace deployment today, building on the significant results and return on investment that Index AR is currently delivering for clients in terms of safety, quality, knowledge transfer, capability, productivity and efficiency.

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