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Health Data Management Spotlights Partnership Between Index AR and Riverside Health System to Develop New App for Endoscopes

Health Data Management (HDM), a leading information resource for medical and IT professionals, executives and administrators, recently showcased Index AR Solutions’ partnership with Riverside Health System and their development of a new AR app to simplify endoscope cleaning and reprocessing procedures.

Ultimately, the app is designed to help keep patients safe while making it easier for hospital workers to do their jobs.

For the story, HDM editor Joseph Goedert interviewed James Lesnick, M.D., a neurosurgeon and current Senior Vice President for Business and Venture Development at Riverside Health System.

Lesnick explained how the first-of-its-kind AR app will simplify the process of cleaning and reprocessing reusable endoscopes and help prevent unnecessary infections for patients on whom scopes are used.

“We need to know the scope is done the right way each and every single time,” said Lesnick for the article, noting that high reliability and continuous improvement are concepts that are very important to health care practitioners, and that hospitals could learn from other industries such as airlines and nuclear power.

“We need to challenge ourselves to borrow from other industries to improve the care we provide to our patients,” said Lesnick.

The article detailed how the new AR app enables workers to follow step-by-step instructions displayed on a tablet in 3D imagery, along with safety warnings, 3D animations and written instructions that are also built into the app.

The app demonstrates the power of augmented reality to enable learning through experience, particularly hands-on training.

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