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Daily Press Spotlights Index AR and Riverside Partnership with Front Page Feature Story

Hampton Roads’ popular daily newspaper, the Daily Press, profiled the partnership between Index AR Solutions and Riverside Health System in a front page feature story on December 15.

Business reporter Tara Bozick first sat down with Dexter Lilley, Index AR Solutions executive vice president and chief operating officer, to get the scoop on how the two firms are developing a new AR app to simplify endoscope cleaning and reprocessing procedures.

At Index AR Solutions’ headquarters in Williamsburg, Lilley demonstrated how the first-of-its-kind app is designed to help keep patients safe while making it easier for hospital workers to do their jobs.

Bozick also spoke with James Lesnick, a seasoned neurosurgeon and Riverside Health System’s senior vice president for business and venture development. Lesnick discussed how the proper cleaning of reusable devices such as endoscopes is vital. It prevents the transmission of infections and has a high impact on patient safety.

Using augmented reality, 3D imagery, and contextual information, the app will help will help medical technicians visualize instructions or avoid forgetting important cleaning steps – ensuring they perform the procedure correctly each and every time.

“In the end, it’s all about patient safety,” Lesnick said. “It’s the high-reliability part that’s so critical.”

Bozick’s article also appeared in the TidewaterBiz daily newsletter and website. To read the full story, click here.