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Celebrating Seven Great Years of the Index Way

Last week, a proud Index AR Solutions team, loved ones and supporters hosted a Founders Day ceremony, celebrating seven amazing years of client service and technological innovation. The words of the following thank you letter presented at the ceremony make one thing clear: Index is just getting started. The best is yet to come!


December 9, 20201

When we formed Index AR Solutions on December 9th, 2014, we were not sure where the journey would take us, but we were sure that it was a road worth taking.

Index is now a successful company in so many ways: in the clients who rely on us, in the eBooks and apps we create for them, and in our people that make everything happen. As founders, it is heartwarming to us for all the good Index does. We are honored to have taken the leap of faith to begin this wonderful company.

We are also humbled and thankful for all that believe in the Index way, our mission to help workers and our culture based on servant leadership. There would be no Index without our clients and team members who trusted us and gave us a chance.

So, thank you, and celebrate with us this Founders Day.

With warmest regards,

John Arczynski                            Dexter Lilley                        Dan Arczynski