The Index AR Solutions team solves enterprise and industrial problems by deploying custom augmented reality apps to improve performance, including safety, quality, cost and schedule.
President & CEO
Director Operations
Brian Bare
Director, Development
Chris Biernacki
Manager, Operations
Durrell Blanks
AR Programs
Troy Butler
AR Developer
Jovan Celar
AR Engineer
Tanner Eck
AR Developer
Alex Ferrer
AR Engineer
Kevin Gardner
AR Designer
Lauren Hamburg
AR Engineer, AR Business Development
Nick Husk
AR Designer and Graphic Artist
Mark Lawrence
Director, Information Technology
Executive Vice President and COO
Karina Lilliston
AR Designer
Jamil Malone
AR Developer
Jonathan Martin
Director, Solutions
Dan McDonald
AR Engineer
Mary Claire McLaughlin
AR Engineer
Dan McPeters
AR Designer
Ray Meyer
AR Training
David Perreault
AR Designer
Kristina Reilley
AR Engineer
Patrick Ryan
Manager, AR Engineering
Beth Scicchitano
Manager, AR Project Managment
Adrienne Smith
AR Training
Scott Sommers
VP, Client and Corporate Development
Erik Spencer
AR Developer
Wayne Thomasson
AR Engineer
David Trull
AR Designer
Kim Washington
AR Admin