Voltage Regulator Augmented Reality App

The Index Voltage Regulator Training and Maintenance App is an augmented reality (AR) training and maintenance application for utility companies. This app provides the utility worker with a tool to improve performance on the complex tap change procedure for a voltage regulator and can be used for both training and maintenance in the field.

The app, by overlaying digital information on the real world in a training or maintenance environment, addresses the critical issues of safety, learning, knowledge transfer and knowledge degradation. Six to 12 months can pass between doing a complex maintenance procedure in training and actually doing the procedure in the field. This app refreshes the worker’s knowledge and training experience in the field.


The app includes a highly engaging AR step-by-step process, part and component identification, reference data interrogation, safety warnings, multiple language functions and compliance to outside and internal regulatory requirements.


Learning outcomes in the app are measured in a combination of areas that are mission critical to utilities, chief among them is safety. Currently, errors usually show up in equipment failure, which is very dangerous and costly. Safety outcomes from the app are measured at the individual, team and corporate levels. The app has equipment tolerances and processes as well as utility and regulatory requirements. The measurement of learning outcomes is done over time compared to base safety levels and current average time to maintain a voltage regulator.


After improved safety, the expected outcome of the app is improved knowledge transfer from the current highly skilled technical labor force to a workforce entering the utility industry to replace retiring workers. Knowledge transfer is captured in the form of best practices within this app where it can then be absorbed and used in training. As a result, workers are safer because the app reduces learning time, while simultaneously making them more efficient and valuable to their employer. The app also provides standardization of maintenance and other complex procedures since they can be deployed on multiple company devices (smart phones, tablets and wearables).


The Index app includes over 60 steps which will allow the employee to work through the voltage regulator by themselves. If the employee finds something that 
is unique or confusing they can take a picture or screenshot of the step with the AR overlaid and send it to their supervisor.


After the upfront investment to develop the app, the cost to deploy and maintain the app as well as any required upgrades is manageable. Since the application runs 
on off-the-shelf hardware, mobile devices already in circulation can be used by trainers. All that is needed to deploy the Index app to a utility company is a smart phone or tablet with the app loaded.