Index Spring Retreat 2019

April 30
Kingsmill Resort
Williamsburg, Virginia
By invitation only.


Index AR Solutions’ Spring 2019 Retreat will bring together select enterprises and interested parties to share and better understand Augmented Reality (AR) and its application for major utilities.

This unique opportunity to share will accelerate the adoption of AR and make utility workers employees more safe, capable, and productive while improving quality and enabling knowledge transfer.

The retreat – hosted by Index AR Solutions at Kingsmill Resort in Williamsburg, Virginia – is scheduled to allow participants to travel to Williamsburg on Monday, April 29 and return to any mainland U.S. destination by the night of Tuesday, April 30.

Attendees get a valuable opportunity to experience hands-on Index demos and exhibits, listen to speakers describe how their companies are using and considering using Index AR Solutions, and network with other participants who are assessing how augmented reality could help their companies.


A morning session on April 30 will give retreat participants the opportunity to walk around and interact with AR-equipped tablets and Index AR Solutions experts. Breakfast will be served just outside the ballroom and participants are encouraged to eat, network and experience AR first hand.

The augmented reality demos and displays will feature a few of the more than 95 Index AR Solutions / Newport News Shipbuilding (NNS) AR projects as well as some of the ongoing R&D conducted at NNS. Clients are encouraged to spend some time at their own displays/demos and speak to their experience utilizing AR. Demonstrations and information will be available from the following projects:

Client: Ameren Corporation

Challenge: Setting limits on the Limitorque valve actuator can be done incorrectly because it is a task that is not done frequently. The lack of repetition means that it takes time for workers performing related maintenance procedures to get up to speed, and/or leads to quality escapes.

Solution: For Ameren Corporation, Index developed an application with step-by-step 3D animations, images and instructions that outline precisely what a worker will need to do in order to properly set the limits. The application provides users with critical information needed for each step so that they can perform the task correctly each and every time regardless of unfamiliarity or knowledge degradation.

Client: Dominion Energy

Challenge: Understanding transformer basics (i.e. functionality, part identification, banking configurations, and the overall power generation and distribution process) is a challenge, especially without the capacity to bring a transformer into the classroom for visualization. Textbooks and paper diagrams are useful, but they don’t cultivate the skills required for working with and fundamentally understanding transformers.

Solution: The Dominion Transformer Training app allows lineman apprentices to visually see a transformer and apply the fundamental principles they have learned in the classroom. The app walks through the basics of transformer theory, displays the inner and outer workings of a transformer, and gives apprentices the ability to configure a transformer bank. Finally, in a 3D utility overview, the apprentice walks through the power generation and distribution process. By providing 3D and AR visuals of a transformer on a tablet, apprentices have access to a hands-on learning experience in the classroom. Instead of reading through textbooks and manuals, the apprentice can visually see and learn by doing.

Client: Georgia Power

Challenge: When electric transformers are incorrectly determined to be faulty and unnecessarily changed out, it is costly for the utility operator. Georgia Power sought to create a training tool to simplify complex troubleshooting tools and processes for new linemen so that they can avoid mistakes and re-work.

Solution: Index developed a step-by-step AR and 3D animation application that walks a new lineman through the correct procedure for using a Quick-Check device to properly test transformer functionality. The goal of this recently completed application is to enhance training and knowledge retention while reducing costly errors related to improper diagnosis and unnecessary change-outs.

Client: Waste Management

Challenge: Waste Management has a large fleet of trucks that need to be maintained on a regular basis. Two important maintenance tasks are valve adjustments and brake pad replacements which are very complex with hundreds of required and sequenced steps. Waste Management executives wanted to provide a tool that helps their mechanics with just-in-time information for each step in a maintenance procedure.

Solution: Index worked closely with Waste Management’s front-line expert mechanics, SMEs supervisors and managers to optimize the best-practice steps into an AR app that overlaid key information on actual truck components during maintenance.

Client: Fluor Corporation

Challenge: In October 2015, Fluor announced a $1 billion joint venture that would change the way large off-shore oil rigs were built. Fluor needed a way to effectively communicate this capability to their oil-major clients other than an 80-page PowerPoint presentation or an expensive and time-consuming on-site visit in China.

Solution: Index created a bilingual, interactive, 3D, AR map with views at the global, regional and facility-level, packed with information the Fluor sales team could share with oil-majors.

Client: Evergy (Formerly Westar Energy)

Challenge: Like other utilities, Evergy must roll multiple trucks to inspect, troubleshoot, remove, install, replace and program controllers on multiple different pole-mounted voltage regulators and control panels. Evergy wanted to provide its linemen the approved procedures to perform these tasks on each voltage regulator and control panel variant.

Solution: Index worked closely with Evergy’s linemen, engineering, experts and supervisors to capture the safest and best-practice procedures and build them into the AR app, now available to other customers as the LineAssist SuperApp®. The app recognizes five different controllers and provides the linemen the appropriate procedure step by step overlaid on the pole mounted voltage regulator and control panel.

Client: Index AR Solutions Marketing

Challenge: Augmented Reality is a visual technology. Describing AR or explaining how it can impact work is almost impossible without a visual, hands-on experience.

Solution: Index built an AR app deployed on Apple and Android devices that demonstrated an oil rig occupying 3D space, a 2D drawing coming to life as a 3D object, a construction aide for stud placement, an assembly aide for valve installment, an X-ray vision on a valve, and step-by-step work instructions for a valve.

Client: Dominion Energy

Challenge: Dominion constructed an above-ground manhole model for their trainees to learn the different scenarios that they will see in the field. They needed a tool to visualize the different scenarios in an empty manhole as well as build out the manhole using the AR tool.

Solution: Index worked closely with Dominion’s SMEs, supervisors and training experts to create an AR app that would overlay the different scenarios right over the actual manhole. The AR app also allows the trainee to identify the different components and build out the manhole scenarios.

Client: A Southwestern Utility

Challenge: A southwestern utility had two voltage regulators fail and consequently lost two separate substations. Dissolved gas analysis of several other regulators showed a high likelihood of more regulators failing in the future. The utility is rate sensitive and chose to maintain versus replace the regulators. They needed a way to effectively train people on tap change and maintenance procedures, capture best practices, reduce error rates and improve efficiency.

Solution: Index worked closely with the lead electricians, capturing knowledge transfer from the most experienced members, creating a step-by-step process to put into an app on a tablet. The app was given to a qualified electrician that had never done the procedure before but did the tap change and maintenance in two hours and reduced error rates by more than 90% from the traditional use of manuals and paper. This app is also bilingual in English and Spanish for ease of use.

Client: Ameren Corporation

Challenge: Ameren Corporation has a requirement to troubleshoot and replace thousands of routers and modems. For cost considerations, the company has chosen to have this task performed by their linemen rather than by a specialty workforce. Ameren needed a tool to help their linemen perform this new task safely and efficiently with minimal quality escapes.

Solution: Index worked closely with Ameren to create an AR app that overlays each step-by-step task over the actual modems, routers and collectors.

Client: Southern Company

Challenge: The utility wanted to explore new ways to boost worker safety, quality and capabilities. Company leadership sought innovative tools that would assist with knowledge transfer among workers while addressing cost and schedule considerations.

Solution: An AR app was built by Index AR in collaboration with the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) and Southern Company. Conveying situational awareness information, the app makes the invisible visible – displaying visual indicators of equipment health, capacity factors and required minimum clearances such as flame retardant (FR) zones in the substation. Later versions of the app will display detailed maintenance histories of equipment and include all of the directions needed to perform maintenance tasks using a lean process that includes step-by-step procedures, warnings and videographic recording of critical steps for internal and external compliance.

Client: Cisco Systems

Challenge: Concepts like cybersecurity and cloud computing can be abstract and difficult to fully understand for non-technical people. Cisco sought an innovative, easy-to-use way for its prospects to learn more about its solution offerings that went above and beyond traditional marketing methods.

Solution: The Cisco cybersecurity marketing and sales tool is a self-directed AR app that takes a person through all of the different levels of the Cisco Cloud business and the layers of security preventing cyber-attacks. The app is easy to use and conveys key data and information on the Cisco cybersecurity products. There is also an interactive simulation that allows a user to play the role of computer virus trying to penetrate the Cisco cloud.

Client: Riverside Health System

Challenge: Endoscopes are powerful medical instruments that help doctors examine internal organs. But without careful cleaning, endoscopes can carry potentially dangerous bacteria from one patient to another, introducing a potential health risk.

Solution: The Riverside endoscope app will use AR to help medical staff visualize the specific cleaning procedures required by an endoscope manufacturer – thereby addressing a significant health and safety issue faced by hospitals. The app contains a standardized best practice that ensures new technicians are taught the precise way to safely clean an endoscope and reduce the risk of infection from a medical procedure.

Client: MidAmerican Energy Company

Challenge: MidAmerican sought to increase quality outcomes and understanding of their Gas Tech Apprenticeship. In addition, the company wanted their training to follow their apprentices into the field as a valuable tool and reference, even after their apprenticeship is complete.

Solution: Index is working closely with MidAmerican’s managers, instructors, and SMEs to create an AR application and an e-book that serves as a highly effective and engaging way to deliver their Gas Tech Apprenticeship material. Packed with videos, imagery and contextual references to important standards and regulations, the app will include new ways to visualize the materials, tools and equipment used in the field. The multiple module app is also equipped with testing and feedback tools for instructors.

Client: MidAmerican Energy Company

Challenge: The source-transfer controllers used by electrical utilities to minimize power interruptions are complex, with multiple decision trees that often require a 4-6 hour schedule for an engineer to initially set up or reset. In addition, missed or incorrect steps can result in equipment damage, injury or service delays.

Solution: By helping workers visualize specific setup steps, the MidAmerican source-transfer controller app uses AR to address a common challenge in the electric utility industry. The app presents workers with an agreed-upon set of best practices, decision trees, and safety warnings at the exact time and place they are needed within a procedure. The app gives a qualified electrician the confidence to safely perform troubleshooting and start-up tasks with minimal errors or risk.

Client: Various

Challenge: Today’s youth thrive in the digital world of internet-connected apps and interactive touchscreens. The learning friction that is created when younger workers are trained with traditional textbooks, binders and PowerPoint presentations is challenging to the onboarding process and slows professional development as well.

Solution: Combining AR and eBooks creates an experiential learning tool that is well suited to a younger generation that grew up using computers and tablets. Index is partnering with MidAmerican Energy and Dominion Energy to create the first in a series of combined AR / eBook apps that bridge this learning gap. Complete with built-in dynamic feedback mechanisms, updates to these apps can be easily pushed out to users in training and in the field – overcoming the limitations of static traditional learning tools.

Client: Various

Challenge: How can the power of new, custom-built AR applications be shared with a broader customer audience in a way that also makes exceptional business sense for both the developer and the original client?

Solution: Index AR’s SuperApp® product development puts the power of custom AR applications to work addressing broader industry challenges. Through co-marketing agreements, clients involved in the original creation of an Index AR SuperApp® share in its future success as pre-packaged resale offering. Index AR currently has three SuperApps® in its library, with that number expected to grow exponentially.


Dan Arczynski – President & CEO, Index AR Solutions

Prior to Index, for 19 years Dan held a series of executive positions in the shipbuilding industry. He has served as corporate vice president of both business development and strategy at HII as well as sector vice president of strategy at both Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding and Northrop Grumman Newport News. During this period Dan had staff responsibility for both strategic and growth initiatives and served on the board of directors for Continental Maritime of San Diego, AREVA Newport News and Savannah River Nuclear Solutions.

Prior to shipbuilding, for five years Dan was vice president of strategy and vice president of mergers and acquisitions for Shawmut, a large New England regional bank. He was also a consultant for Marakon Associates a firm focused on creating shareholder value for its clients.Dan is a veteran of the US Army and served for twelve years attaining the rank of Major. During this time he led five platoon size units and commanded a light infantry company. He also taught economics, finance and investments at West Point.

Dan is a 1978 graduate of the United States Military Academy where he was on the Dean’s List, Commandant’s List and Superintendents List. He is a 1986 graduate of the Harvard Business School where he was a graduate of Highest Distinction and was elected Baker Scholar.

Chris Biernacki – Director of Operations, Index AR Solutions

As a member of the Index AR Solutions leadership team, Chris Biernacki views Index’s augmented reality solutions as a catalyst that will lead to huge productivity increases in the workforces of Index’s clients. Chris reports directly to Dexter Lilley, EVP and COO of Index. Chris brings experience from the shipbuilding and commercial nuclear sectors to Index. Chris comes to Index from Mirion Technologies Inc. (formerly Canberra Industries Inc.), a world leader in nuclear measurement technology, where he provided engineering and support services for Mirion’s industrial clients.

James R. Golden, Ph.D. – Brigadier General, U.S. Army (ret); Senior Consultant to the President, William & Mary

James (Jim) Golden is a retired Army brigadier general and a retired William & Mary Vice President, where he played a key role developing a new strategic planning process, establishing a Technology Transfer Office, and creating the college’s Technology and Business Center, among many other accomplishments. Prior to joining William & Mary in 1999, Jim was a senior executive in the strategy department at the Tenneco where he served as executive director of corporate technology and innovation, and executive assistant to the chairman and CEO.

Earlier, Jim completed a 31-year Army career and retired as a Brigadier General. His military decorations include the Distinguished Flying Cross for his service as an air observer in Vietnam, the Bronze Star, two awards of the Legion of Merit, and the Distinguished Service Medal. Following his service, Jim joined the tenured faculty of his alma mater, the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, where he became Professor and Head of the Department of Social Sciences. During his tenure, Golden served intermittently on short-term assignments as a senior staff economist on the President’s Council of Economic Advisers under Presidents Nixon, Ford and Carter, working primarily on industry regulatory issues.

Jim graduated from West Point standing fourth in the Class of 1965 and was a starting midfielder on the Army soccer team that went to the final four in the NCAA tournament his last two years. He received a master’s degree in public administration from Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government and earned a Ph.D. in economics at Harvard.

Chase Heiden – Electric Distribution Engineer, MidAmerican Energy Company

Chase Heiden is an Electric Distribution Engineer with MidAmerican Energy Company. Chase started out at MEC as an intern in the summer of 2015. Upon graduation from South Dakota State University with a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and an emphasis in power, he began his full-time position in the summer of 2016. Chase is currently working on a variety of key projects, including the development of the Index AR Solutions application for the electric distribution side of the company and providing power to new and expanding key account customers in southwest Iowa.

Jason Gambill – Manager, Electric Safety & Training, Dominion Energy

A 17 year veteran of Dominion Energy, Jason currently serves as Manager of Electric Safety and Training, heading up training design, development and implementation for the Electric Distribution and Transmission Organizations. In this role, Jason is responsible for safety communications including safety topics, alerts, and bulletins. He also oversees safety data analysis for the two organizations.

Jeremy Phelps – Supervisor, Training Delivery, Dominion Energy – Power Delivery Group

Jeremy Phelps is the Supervisor of Training Delivery at Dominion Energy. Jeremy joined Dominion Energy in 2005 as a Training Specialist and has served as a Senior Training Specialist and Supervisor of Training Development. Jeremy currently leads the technical instructors supporting Power Delivery’s Transmission and Distribution training. Jeremy serves on the implementation team for augmented reality applications, knowledge management, and incorporation of NCCER craft curricula. Jeremy also serves as the President of the Southeastern Electrical Exchange(SEE) Training Section.

Lorne Poindexter – Maintenance Manager, Instrument and Controls, Ameren

Currently assigned to the Corporate Innovation team. Responsibilities include implementation of projects to improve efficiency and keep customer rates as low as possible. Lorne has 28 years of experience at the Callaway Nuclear Plant and has done a number of jobs during his career, as a deconner, non-licensed operator, licensed reactor operator, general supervisor radwaste, senior reactor operator certification, work week manager and maintenance manager I&C. He enjoys continuous improvement and project implementation.

Thomas Jefferson – Founding Father

Thomas Jefferson continues to remain our nation’s most controversial Founding Fathers. He was indeed a visionary, and his hopes for what America could become are at the core of our political differences of opinion. However, Mr. Jefferson believed that as Americans, “a difference of opinion must never be a difference of principal.” Those principals upon which our nation was founded guided him through forty years of public service as Governor of Virginia, Ambassador to France, Secretary of State, Vice President and the Third U.S. President. Despite any titles of office, he cared to be known simply as a Virginia farmer.


Monday, April 29
Kingsmill Resort – Riverview Room

Tuesday, April 30
Kingsmill Resort – Burwell Ballroom

Reception and Dinner for those staying at Kingsmill Resort Monday Night

Welcome Reception

Special Guest

Registration and Breakfast

AR Demos, Displays, Networking
Index and NNS

10am – 12pm
Formal Program*
Multiple Speakers


Formal Program
Interactive Discussion Using Kahoot! Platform

Depart Kingsmill

*During the 10am–12pm sessions, each speaker will, for 15 minutes, discuss their position, company, industry and challenges faced; explain if they currently do or would consider the use of AR and Index AR and their view on the future role of AR.


Kingsmill Index AR RetreatStunningly set against the James River, Kingsmill Resort is a place steeped in honored traditions and genuine Southern hospitality.

When the first English foot was placed in Virginia, it was here on these grounds that once served as a central part of the area’s plantation life in the 1600s through 1800s.

Today, Kingsmill Resort retains those magnificent traits inherent in Kingsmill’s early life with grand accommodations, gracious hospitality and stately service.

The Resort’s Plantation Golf Course is routed along what was once the original Kingsmill Plantation, and other resort properties and features are similarly located on plantation grounds.

In 1969 Anheuser-Busch purchased 3,900 acres of James River land with plans to build a large brewery. As part of the land purchase agreement, Anheuser-Busch agreed to develop hundreds of those acres into what is now Kingsmill Resort.

Learn more about Kingsmill Resort, its accommodations and amenities at


There are two elements to the Spring 2019 Retreat Fees – 1) accommodations and dinner Monday, April 29 and 2) the retreat activities and meals on Tuesday, April 30. Please be sure to register for both below if attending the entire retreat for both days. If you are not staying at Kingsmill Resort and arriving Tuesday, April 30 for the retreat only, please only register for the retreat.


The $150 retreat registration fee includes breakfast Tuesday, April 30, beverages and snacks throughout the day, lunch buffet and access to networking, speakers, AR demos and exhibits.



Kingsmill Resort has reserved resort guestrooms for retreat attendees at a rate of $159. The rate includes one night of accommodations and the Monday evening welcome reception and dinner.


Reservations can also be made by calling the Resort Reservation Department at 757-253-1703 or 1-800-832-5665. A credit card will be required to make a reservation. Please identify yourself with the Index AR Solutions Retreat.


For more information about the Enterprise Augmented Reality Retreat, presented by Index AR Solutions, please contact:

Scott Sommers

Vice President, Client and Corporate Development